Google Search Results Scraper

💡 Get Started: Use the Google Scraper Tool to copy hundreds of Google results to your clipboard with the single click of a button. Our tool will then help you filter the results, saving countless hours of manual work.

🧠 How does it work? This tool technically isn’t a ‘scraper’ at all, it simply copies all of the Google search results to your clipboard, saving a huge amount of manual time. Our filtering tools then allow you to apply tons of logic automatically – for example, only filter .com results, and ignore sites like Wikipedia, Quora or Reddit.

Add only one per line. Titles are optional.

TLD filter

Keywords in domain filter

Keywords in URL filter

Keywords in Title filter

Google Results Scraper

  1. Drag and save this link to your bookmarks toolbar.
  2. Now do a Google search of your choice.
  3. Click the button you saved in your bookmarks. We recommend filtering for 100 searches per page.
  4. Voila! You have now copied every search result to your clipboard. Paste them above.

Other Bookmarklets for Scraping Google SERPs

In case you want to scrape the results from Google and copy them directly into your spreadsheets, these Bookmarklets will make your job easier.

These are designed to extract a particular pattern.

Just drag and drop any link to your bookmark as showed in the Demo above.

Get URLs

Get Root Domains

Get URLs and Titles

Get Root Domains, URLs and Titles