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Blogger Outreach Services: Big Links from Real Sites

Stewart Dunlop



Blogger outreach is a tried and tested way to build backlinks.

When done well, it can help you build solid relationships with people publishing content in your industry or niche. These relationships can lead to high-quality links from extremely relevant publications.

But it’s not always done well. In fact, it’s often done badly. And poor blogger outreach means you’re likely to end up with spammy links on low-quality sites.

This means you must be very careful when choosing blogger outreach services. Select the wrong one and you could end up harming your website.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you should look out for and show you why our blogger outreach service is the best there is.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

Simply put, blogger outreach is when you send bloggers messages to enquire about building backlinks. It’s a great way to connect with websites in your niche and it can lead to link building opportunities.

blogger outreach in action

Blogger outreach is straightforward in theory:

  1. Find blogs that write about content that is related to your business
  2. Build a relationship with the blogger
  3. Ask them to link to you
  4. Watch as your rankings increase

What’s more, there are millions of websites out there and plenty of tools that make blogger outreach easy.

You can even use link building outreach software to automate the sending of personalized emails to each blogger.


But the reality is quite different. So many people perform this type of outreach that it is no longer effective.

And unless you know what you’re doing, you're just as likely not to get a single reply as you are to build a backlink.

The Problem with Blogger Outreach

There are two main problems with blogger outreach:

  1. Bloggers are inundated with requests for links
  2. Many spammy sites charge for links

Problem 1: Bloggers Are Inundated with Backlink Requests

Everyone with a website knows the value of backlinks.

This means that most blogs, even small ones, get many outreach messages every week.

Most of these are poorly thought-out mass outreach emails. They aren’t personalized beyond an automated process that adds the website name to the start of the email.

link building blogger outreach emails

This often causes bloggers to ignore pretty much all incoming contact.

If you’re lucky, the blogger might look at the subject line before deciding what to do with the contact.

Often, you may not even get this much attention. The blogger will send all cold contacts straight to the trash.

Problem 2: The Value of Links Has Attracted Spammers

The value of backlinks means that people are often willing to pay for them. Bloggers who are responsive to your outreach will often ask you to pay.

This is understandable. You benefit from the link, so why shouldn’t the blogger get something in return?

The problem is knowing when a link is worth paying for and when it isn’t. Get this wrong, and you’ll waste your budget on links that don’t move the needle.

While there are plenty of legitimate blogs that charge for links, there are also tons of link building scams, PBNs, and link farms that exist only to generate revenue by linking out to other sites.

These can be hard to tell from regular websites, especially if you rely on a website’s domain rating to calculate its quality.

Should you pay for links?

The answer is: it depends. In some industries it is the only way to get links, so you may not even have a choice. Read about when you might consider paying for links here.

This Leaves Link Builders with Two Possible Solutions

Faced with the above issues, blogger outreach services have two options:

  1. They can double down on volume, sending out more and more automated bulk emails, hoping that one of the sites they reach out to will eventually bite.
  2. They can take a step back and use a manual process that personalizes each outreach email to the website they are targeting.

Unfortunately, Many Agencies Take the First Option

The problem isn’t that this doesn’t generate links. If it didn’t, these services wouldn’t still be doing it (we first wrote about the idea of bad outreach way back in 2016).

The problem with this type of blogger outreach strategy is the websites you're likely to generate links on.

Think about it. When people use a numbers-based outreach strategy, they cast a wide net that catches many types of sites.

As well as the occasional good fit, you’ll get:

  • Sites unrelated to your niche
  • Sites that publish poor-quality content
  • PBNs and link farms

And which blogs do you think end up replying?

It’s certainly not the ones with high editorial standards that value the type of content they publish. These blogs have better things to focus on than replying to vague, generic emails asking for links.

blogger outreach paying for links

The sites that respond are far more likely to be the ones that know they can make a quick buck by selling links to blogger outreach services with low standards.

A good link-building agency knows not to put links on this type of site.

But if the service is struggling to generate links from quality websites and clients are expecting results, it’s easy for standards to slip.

How Not to Do Blogger Outreach

Here’s an example of bad blogger outreach that one of our sites received.

You may be surprised that this email wasn’t from a cheap SEO service advertising on Fiverr.

Rather, it was from a company that (according to its website) is a “renowned” service with 25 employees.

bad blogger outreach

There are many reasons why this is a poor outreach email. The most glaringly obvious one is that it is generic. It doesn’t mention specifics about the site or why they contacted us.

Manual Blog Outreach Is a Far Better Solution

The second option—using a highly personalized manual outreach process—is a far better way to build quality links.

Blogger outreach services that use this type of process send far fewer outreach emails. And you may have to pay a premium due to the extra effort required to build relationships.

After all, it’s far easier to send out hundreds of automated emails to a scraped list of websites than it is to put effort into finding good sites.

But if your blogger outreach service uses this strategy, you’re far more likely to get high-quality links on relevant websites that improve your rankings.

Here’s an example to illustrate the difference between the two approaches.

Imagine you're the owner of a business blog.

You receive two emails from marketing software companies looking for links.

The first is part of a mass outreach strategy like in the example above.

The contact mentions your website name and might even acknowledge that you’re a business blog.

It then mentions the opportunity for a partnership that could benefit you, without including any specifics. The email ends by asking you to reach out if interested.

The second message is part of a manual outreach strategy. The person sending the email mentions specifics about both their company and your blog.

The email then includes an enticing offer: the company will contribute its expertise to an existing article on the site about a specific type of marketing. They also promise to share the article with their social media audience.

Which offer would you go for? It's clear that the second approach is more likely to generate a positive response.

How We Personalize Blogger Outreach at LinkBuilder

✍️Personalized Subject Lines: The subject line is our first chance to catch the blogger’s attention. If it fails, so does the email. We always use subject lines specific to the site we are targeting. This could be including a name, asking a question, or mentioning a recent piece of content. Anything that shows the email isn’t part of a generic outreach campaign.

🔍 Research: We always check the target websites to make the email as specific as possible. Finding out who is behind the blog and the type of content they produce helps us create a more appealing offer.✉️ Use Templates Carefully: Templates can save enormous amounts of time, so we aren’t completely against using them. But we always make sure to leave room for proper personalization. This means we do more than simply swapping out the name of the website on each email.

💰 Include a Value Proposition: Offering something to the target website increases the chances that someone will respond.

🔁 Follow Up: As we mentioned earlier, most bloggers get multiple outreach messages every day. Not getting a reply doesn’t mean they aren’t interested; they may have just missed your email. Following up is essential.

Our custom service for blogger outreach

We’re experts at using blogger outreach to generate links. And the above results are typical of the clients that hire us.

But what makes us so special? We think it comes down to the following five factors:

🎯 We Choose Outreach Targets Carefully

We choose our outreach targets carefully. We have a strict due diligence checklist (and years of experience) that we use to weed out spammy sites and PBNs.

Signs we use include checking the site’s domain authority, making sure it receives at least 1,000 monthly visits from Google, and checking its inbound to outbound link ratio. We never place posts on low-quality sites.

💬 We Personalize Outreach Message

Once we have outreach targets, we send personalized messages that appeal to the website owner. And we aren’t tied to a particular type of link building. Instead, we tailor our outreach offers to the client’s expertise and the industry they work in.

If the client has specific expertise and works in an industry with lots of publications, we might suggest guest posts in the outreach emails. Or if the website has unique content, we may use a linkable asset strategy that asks bloggers to link to this content.

🥇 We Have a Proven Track Record

We have years of experience building links and increasing organic traffic for leading companies in multiple industries.

Many of our clients have worked with us for years. This continued business is a testament to the fact that our strategies work. You can even check our results on our case studies page.

💰 We Offer Accessible Pricing Options

Quality link building isn’t cheap. But we make it accessible to a large variety of website owners by offering multiple packages. We offer everything from per link pricing to long-term monthly retainers.

🚀 We Help You Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

We ensure you get the most value from your links by helping with factors like choosing which pages to link to and the specific anchor text to use.

Blogger Outreach Link Building Success Stories

The process for blog outreach we've outlined above has brought us success.

Here are two recent examples of the strategy in action.

SnackNation: 100,000+ Monthly Organic Traffic Increase

SnackNation hired us to improve the quality of the links they had pointing to their site. We knew that generic outreach would never be enough to get the quality of links the company wanted.

Instead, we used highly personalized white-hat outreach methods to build relationships with other blogs in the industry. This manual outreach strategy eventually led to a high volume of quality links from authoritative websites, including several DR 80+ publications.

Read more about how we built links for SnackNation.

Heer Law: 378 Links Built (And Counting)

Heer Law hired us to improve the search engine visibility of high-value pages on their site by building links. We ran an incredibly successful blogger outreach program that highlighted our client’s legal expertise and showed bloggers how expert insight could add significant value to their articles.

This is an excellent example of how you can creatively offer value to bloggers. A site that values quality might not be open to paid niche edits, but it may be willing to add specific expertise that improves the quality of its posts.

Read more about how we built links for Heer Law


What Types of Links Can You Use Blogger Outreach for?

You can use a manual outreach process to build multiple types of links. We choose the one that best meets your needs and the needs of the blogger you reached out to.

It could be:

  • Niche edits: Ask bloggers to add links to your site to existing articles.
  • Guest posts: Contribute an article to the blog about a topic that would be interesting to its audience. Guest posting works well if you have specific expertise.
  • Review: Ask the blogger to review your product. This works for everything from physical products to software.
  • Article contributions: Add your expertise to an existing or upcoming blog article.

We aren’t limited to the above tactics. We can come up with any kind of partnership that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

What Types of Business Does Linkbuilder Work with?

We work with any business that wants to increase its search engine presence through backlinks. Our current clients include SaaS tools, professional services, and affiliate websites.

We also provide white label blog outreach services to digital marketing agencies whose clients could benefit from high-quality links.

What Types of Blogs Does Linkbuilder Reach Out to?

Our blog outreach service covers a wide range of blogs and websites. We use manual outreach so the exact sites we target will depend on your business and site.

Targets could be:

  • Independent creators who produce their own blogs
  • Companies or businesses that have a blog section on their website
  • Niche blogs that publish content on a particular topic.

While the exact sites differ, one thing stays the same: we only ever place links on websites that meet our stringent due diligence requirements.

How Long Will It Take to Get Results?

We begin outreach as soon as we receive your order, and links typically go live within a month.

Because we use a manual, personalized process, the exact time it takes for links to go live varies. It depends on the websites we target, the domain authority you are targeting, and the type of link we try to attract.