Machinery eCommerce

71% Organic Traffic Growth for Powerhouse Site


Monthly traffic increase


Links built


Months time span

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Machinery eCommerce

  • Domain Rating

    52 from 10


  • Monthly Traffic

    6.2k from 892


  • Keywords Ranking

    252.4k from 147.4k


  • Links Built


  • Time Span

    22 months and counting

  • Including links from

    • (DR 95)

    • (DR 82)

    • (DR 87)

    • (DR 81)

We were approached by an Ecommerce company who sell high-ticket metalworking machinery to help boost their website authority and ultimately, to increase site traffic.

They started with a low DR score of 10, which wasn’t going to cut it when compared to some of the serious competitors in their space.

They get the majority of their traffic through individual product pages and categories, so the primary objective was to build a large volume of branded links primarily to the homepage.


With such a low authority, the goal was to help increase the overall authority of the site by getting in as many high-value links as possible to the domain.

We accomplished this using a number of strategies:

  • Targeting links from hyper niche relevant sites in the machinery space
  • Building links from broader category sites in the business & industry space
  • Using HARO to build high authority homepage links from super high authority sources

We even landed some huge links from super domains including Shopify (the official blog) and SmallPDF.


We achieved phenomenal results within 22 months, and the compounding impact of consistently building links is still giving the site massive increases in traffic every month.

LB Results

Links The Catalyst for Growth

The unique thing about this case study is that it’s very β€˜purist’ in terms of links being the leading factor in organic growth. The number of categories and product pages have remained pretty much constant throughout, with the major differentiating factor being inbound links.

In fact, just recently the head of marketing sent us an email to show that their competitors in the space were acutely aware of just how aggressively the SEO performance had improved!