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185% Traffic Increase for High Value Pages


Monthly traffic increase


Links built


Months time span

Online Courses Site

Online Courses Site

  • Domain Rating

    91 from 90


  • Monthly Traffic

    9.3m from 5m


  • Keywords Ranking

    252.4k from 147.4k


  • Links Built


  • Time Span

    24 months

  • Including links from

    • (DR 87)

    • (DR 94)

    • University British Colombia (DR 90)

    • (DR 90)

    • (DR 85)

One of the World’s most recognisable brands in the online education space approached us to initiate link building campaigns to some of their high-value pages.

Due to an NDA we have with the client, they explicitly didn’t want their brand name mentioned on our site.

Our client initially hired 3 different companies to decide which one was the top performing, and after a trial period we came up on top in terms of quality and consistency.


We analyzed key competitors in the space to help understand what types of links they were getting to competing pages – Both in terms of link context and the types of websites and people that were linking to them.

Thereafter, we built out structured outreach campaigns to promote each topic page on an individual level.

πŸ‘‰ Structuring Outreach Targets

The people we targeted were broken down into different β€˜types’ – For example, blog posts that are talking about learning resources, or resource pages that specifically aim to link out to high quality learning resources.

We then tested numerous outreach templates to figure out which ones were the most effective, in terms of initial response and then the all important follow up response rate.

Anchor Text Strategy

When you’re dealing with white-hat outreach strategies, it’s incredibly hard to control anchor text, since editors and webmasters will select their own.

πŸ‘‰ Improving Anchor Text Strategy

We greatly improved our anchor text strategy over time. Initially, we found it difficult to get targeted (unbranded) anchor text on links, primarily because webmasters if left to their own devices tend to link with a branded anchor text.

We devised methods of motivating them to at least use some descriptive anchor text around our target keywords, in order to help improve rankings for those keywords on the basis that the linking text is the first thing Google uses to understand the destination page.


We achieved some phenomenal results over the course of 2 years…

πŸ‘‰ Huge Traffic Increase for Target Pages

For pages that we actively built links for (in this case landing pages around particular courses), we saw a very clear and obvious improvement in search results, by over 100% for every page.

This was especially significant because the pages already had a strong amount of traffic, so relatively speaking an 100%+ increase in traffic was huge.

Going from β€˜good’ to β€˜great’ isn’t easy!

πŸ“ˆ Overall site-wide traffic increase

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