Follow Up Boss

Incredible Gains for SaaS CRM Brand

↑ 149% Monthly Traffic
494 Links Built
30 Months Time Span
Follow Up Boss
Niche: SaaS CRM
Domain Rating
71 from 60
↑ 18%
Monthly Traffic
40.5K from 16.2K
↑ 149%
Monthly Traffic Value
125.8K from 36.7K
↑ 242%
Keywords Ranking
23.7K from 9.8K
↑ 142%
Links Built
Time Span
30 Months
Including Links From (DR 93) (DR 92) (DR 90) (DR 90) (DR 89)

We were hired by FollowUpBoss, an extremely successful Real Estate CRM, to help generate backlinks and provide SEO guidance that would ultimately increase their website traffic and conversions from organic search.

Link Examples

Below are some links we built for our client Follow Up Boss (Real Estate CRM) in different verticals highly related to the Real Estate Industry.

💵 Sales

✉️ Marketing

🏠 Real Estate News

🏠 Real Estate Education

Strategy 1) Authentic, Scalable Outreach

This is our bread & butter when it comes to building links and driving traffic.

The Goal:

With this type of outreach, we’re typically using an insightful or useful piece of content on our website to show to someone relevant. But ultimately, we want to make a connection & establish a relationship with the other person around the topic of Real Estate – whether that’s sales, marketing, processes, whatever.

Once the relationship is established, the link will come.

Our process first involves identifying a piece of content we’d like to build links to. In this example, we’re going to promote this article: 13 Free Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies That Work.

Next, we’re going to go through the painstaking task of building out a list of link targets that we believe may be interested in our content. We want to find bloggers talking about Real Estate sales, how they can find more leads, how they can improve their sales game etc.

We can use tools like Ahrefs content explorer to help us:

Ahrefs content explorer real estate

Prospecting Methods

  1. Competitor research – finding link targets from people who have previously linked to similar content
  2. Google research – using advanced search operators to find relevant people talking about our subject
  3. Content explorer – using tools like Ahrefs to scan for relevant content that contains certain keywords

Eventually, we should have a nice list of link targets ready. We normally aim for over 100 targets for a single campaign:

prospecting list real estate

Now it’s time to set-up an outreach campaign. We use an extremely powerful outreach tool called Pitchbox to manage all of our campaigns.

We’ll add all of the data from our prospect list, and find other important details such as an accurate email address to contact, and the recipient’s first name.

personalization pitchbox

Once we’ve completed all of that, we can craft our email templates and launch our email campaigns.

Note: At this stage, I’d normally insert an image of the outreach template and approach we’d use, but I’m not going to because it would probably be copied and re-used relentlessly.


So after we’ve started sending out emails, it’s imperative to monitor results and actually measure success, otherwise what’s the point in all of this?

Our response rates are pretty solid;

response rate campaign

But, what ultimately matters is that we get positive responses & earn links;

response pitchbox
link success

So that’s much how we go about launching a natural outreach campaign from start to finish.

We’re using a very authentic, highly scalable process to get our content in front of the right people, maintaining a very high response rate and truly engage them.

The End Result

There’s no point in building all these links without a reward, right?

  • We now have over 40 links to this single page – The majority of which came from natural outreach campaigns.
  • Position 1 for ‘Real Estate Lead Generation’ in the U.S.
  • We get thousands of hits per month to the page for searches related to ‘Real Estate Leads’
  • According to Ahrefs, our organic positions are worth $57,000 per month (If we were to buy up those same spaces and click volumes using paid ads on Google)

Strategy 2) Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a tried and tested strategy that’s used by top-level marketers across the World. It allows us to reach a target audience we wouldn’t otherwise be able to, and can earn us some strong referral traffic over time.

Another benefit for link builders is that we can often control the target URL and anchor text for links that we place within guest posts, which is useful for building powerful links to difficult pages.

Powerful Backlinks

Using this strategy, we landed a guest post (and backlinks) on the – a DA 91 website with a huge amount of power behind it and the biggest mainstream CRM around.

The process follows a very similar suit to strategy 1. We create a list of target prospects in various niches relevant and related to real estate.

Some key niches we targeted for guest posts:

🏠 Real Estate

This one’s obvious. Real Estate has so many sub-niches, and regardless, they’re all hungry for unique content, and we had some very unique ideas that resonated with editors.

💵 Sales

Sales blogs are a perfectly matched for ambitious Real Estate Agents, and we had some great ideas on creating content around scaling sales.

✉️ Marketing

Real Estate marketing is a huge sub-niche of the industry, and we reached out with some fresh ideas.

🧳 Business

Business websites love to hear about strategies for scaling & growth, and Real Estate is a wonderful business for telling those stories.

Once we have a full list of potential targets, it’s once again time to start the outreach process


Below are the results & responses from various guest post campaigns we sent out in the Real Estate & Sales niche – Perfect for our CRM.

Outreach to Real Estate Blogs yielded a 45% response rate:

real estate blogs campaign

Outreach to Sales Blogs was even higher, at 54%:

Sales Blogs Campaign

Our responses were very positive across the board!

Here’s our response from HubSpot:

hubspot reply email

And another gratifying response from a highly respected sales coach:

Robert Terson

We’ve now successfully used guest posting to drive over 40 high-quality links to the website from extremely relevant pages, on blogs that would otherwise be very difficult to access.

This is applicable to CRM or SaaS Business.

Again, I want to re-iterate that this guest posting strategy is applicable to absolutely any website in the CRM or SaaS niche. It’s all about finding relevant people who have aligned interests.

Supercharging Traffic – Keyword Gap Analysis

Of course, as you’ve seen, we’re using outreach & link building to power up the pages & content we already have, but at, we like to take things a step further to ensure our clients see the biggest traffic gains possible.

This is the absolute easiest hack when it comes to generating SEO traffic.

Pro Tip

Essentially using this strategy, you save all the toil & effort of creating hundreds of pages that won’t rank, by researching all of your top competitors and copying all of their pages that are generating organic traffic.

📝 Make a list of websites in your industry or niche

They don’t have to be direct competitors, but in the same general vertical and targeting your keywords. Here’s some examples;

  1. – Not a direct competitor, but ranks extremely well for various keywords such as “Real Estate Marketing Ideas” and “Best Real Estate CRM”
  2. – They offer out-the-box Real Estate websites that convert
  3. – Real Estate marketing tools software
  4. – Authority news and guides website covering Real Estate
  5. – They build Real Estate websites

📊 Analyze their organic traffic

One by one, type each website into Ahrefs and click on the ‘Organic Keywords Tab’.

P.S. a tool like Ahrefs is essential for this.

You’ll have instant access to all of their top performing pages and keywords. Voila.

Inman keyword research

Take a list of the top performing keywords & their corresponding pages – The goal is to literally cherry-pick all of the best ones.

📰 List Your New Content Topics

Make a list of all the articles you’d like to create, and hand it over to your content team.

Give them the important details, show them the top ranking competitors so they know how to create something even better.

Real Estate Keyword Research Sheet

Results – Successfully Driving Over $30k of Organic Traffic For ‘CRM’ keyword

Best Real Estate CRM

We were struggling to rank our homepage for ‘Real Estate CRM’ related keywords. We noticed a ton of pages were ranking well in this area by creating informational content about choosing the best real estate CRM, so we did the same. View article here.

Just 8 months after publishing and that page now receives about $30,000 worth of organic clicks per month from Google (If we were to spend PPC on those same clicks), whilst ranking in the top 5 for all major keywords.

The website was massively under-performing for ‘CRM’ related searches, which is absolutely crucial to their core business. This single piece of content creation changed that completely. Of course, our link building company powered-up the page to get it performing well.

Best Real Estate CRM Results

Final Word

The overarching purpose of this blog post is to show that it’s not impossible to get creative with your link building efforts, even in a highly established industry such as Real Estate and the competitive CRM marketplace.

I hope that some of the strategies & guidance here will help you to get more creative, and these are certainly ideas that are transferable to any number of different industries as well.