Cellucor – Sports Nutrition


We were hired by Cellucor (parent company Nutrabolt) for link building, one of the World’s leading sports nutrition brands and the number 1 pre-workout sports supplement brand in the US market.

The Goal

Cellucor has some strong blog content on the website that was in desperate need of links to turbo-charge those pages. We helped identify a number of pages that would benefit from link-building to drive relevant organic traffic to the website.

cellucor pre workout 101 intro

With a clear goal in mind along with target pages, we went about devising a prospecting & outreach plan to earn relevant links to key content pages.

Our Approach

The goal was simply to target like-minded bloggers & websites in relevant niches like fitness, bodybuilding, sports, athletics and more, showing them Cellucor’s industry-leading content. We ran outreach campaigns at scale and found relatively strong success. We had the added benefit of being able to collaborate with certain bloggers by way of introducing them to the Cellucor affiliate program, and we also collaborated with some influencer’s through social media to develop and build relationships.

We found that link-building to key pages on Cellucor had a very immediate impact, and owing to the fact that these pages didn’t previously produce any significant traffic for a very long time, it’s quite conclusive that quality, relevant links were the key factor in improving search visibility.


  • Number 1 ranking for the term “Pre-workout” in the USA: Over 50,000 monthly searches with huge competition for PPC traffic.
  • Organic traffic growth of 52%
  • Delivered key traffic growth
cellucor traffic growth

Since we began working on Cellucor.com, organic traffic to the website has increased by roughly 52% (based on ahrefs data in the screenshot below.)

Feedback from Cellucor

“Michael and Stewart took blogs with zero inbound links, gathered high-quality backlinks, and vaulted them to the top of Google search results. Their work has not only paid dividends for individual blogs, but the overall authority, traffic, and relevance of our website.

The overall experience with Michael & Stewart was very rewarding for our business. We’ve seen impressive growth in consumer-intent keywords, quality backlinks, and organic search traffic to our website. Beyond results, the team was tasked with identifying gaps and creating future content strategies for our business, which was a very successful exercise as well. I’d highly recommend this team to anyone looking to super-charge their link-building efforts.”

Key Target Pages

Pre-Workout 101 Guide

  • Published at https://cellucor.com/blogs/nutrition/pre-workout-101
  • From November 2017 to May 2018, this article delivered close to zero organic traffic
  • Building quality links to this page has directly impacted the search performance of the page, which now drives traffic a number of significant branded and unbranded search
  • Now consistently holds positions 1-2 in the US for ‘pre workout‘ and drives over 15,000 visitors per month to this page.

Endomorph Workout Guide

 Mesomorph Workout Guide

  • Published at https://cellucor.com/blogs/training/mesomorph-diet-workout-guide
  • Considerable ranking improvements since link building commenced, now ranking in the top 2-3 positions in the US for key terms like ‘Mesomorph diet’ and ‘Mesomorph workout’

Ectomorph Workout Guide

  • Published at https://cellucor.com/blogs/training/ectomorph-diet-workout-guide
  • Very strong ranking improvements – Generating in excess of 2,500 unique visitors per month
  • Dominating the search engines for Ectomorph related key phrases now