On Page SEO – Quick Cheat Sheet

Stewart Dunlop

Very Quick On-Page SEO Checklist

Key things to do:

  • Blend in with top performers, but do it betters
  • Mimic what the top ranking sites are doing for your keyword
  • Before creating new site, check domain age on page 1 sites – consider using existing domain
  • Develop multiple pieces of excellent content surrounding keywords you want to rank for
  • Analyze for possible SEO mistakes and avoid them

Top Sources:

  1. Diggity – On-site SEO guide
  2. Diggity – Black sheep

Great examples of on-page SEO:

https://www.wayfair.co.uk/ – Great categorisation for a huge ecommerce store, good text descriptions at the bottom of category pages. Rank for all kinds of goods in different niches.

https://10beasts.com – Despite having numerous niches within one website they still rank extremely well.

Structure – 6  key steps

  1. Ensure all meta titles, headers and descriptions are solid
  2. Organize key categories by top level navigation
  3. Create supporting content and link back to money pages from your supporting content
  4. Interlink to various money pages and mix it up!
  5. Follow blueprint of what other top rankings SEOs are doing
  6. Build links to supporting content and money pages too
  7. Don’t over optimise

When it comes to link building…

Follow the competition.

  1. Build links to homepage
  2. Build links to money pages
  3. Build links to supporting content pages, and interlink back to money pages