Broken Link Building at Scale

Stewart Dunlop

Wanted to show you a very easy and very effective form of broken link building that guarantees results no matter what niche you’re in! We’ve implemented this into our process and it’s working wonders.

What you’ll need

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Web Archive
  3. a blog section on your website that you can post content too

That’s it!

In the video below I talk through the exact process I use to build hundreds of high authority links:

Key Points & Step by Step Process

  1. Search high authority domains relevant to your niche
  2. Use Ahrefs domain search, and make sure you look for outbound broken links for your selected domain
  3. Shortlist broken links you find, and then run them through Ahrefs & Web archive to see if they’re worthwhile opportunities
  4. Re-publish the content on your blog
  5. Reach out to the websites that were linking to the 404 content, asking them to link to your working page
  6. Rinse & repeat!

If you need help with the process or want it done consistently at scale, our link building agency is here to help.