Super Fast Link Prospecting Guide

Stewart Dunlop

High quality prospecting is the absolute cornerstone for any successful link building campaign. Without selecting the right people to contact, you’re doomed.

If you don’t take care and effort during this fundamental phase, you’re bound to get very few links. On the other hand, if you don’t become efficient in your methods, you could end up taking a very (unnecessary) long time to get this done. This is a process we specialise in at

Please watch this video before you proceed:

Method 1 – Google Results Scraper

Bookmarklet tool to scrape google results

What you’ll need …

Step by step:

  1. Set Google settings to 100 results per page
  2. Create your list of searches for your campaign (search operator + keyword)
  3. Cycle through relevant search operators, using the bookmarklet tool to export results from Google
  4. Copy and paste results into a spreadsheet
  5. Remove irrelevant pages: Take your results and push them into the link prospector, rejecting any irrelevant pages to your campaign
  6. Finalize your list and Upload to Pitchbox

Method 2 – Ahrefs Content Explorer

Ahrefs content explorer

What you’ll need…

Step by step:

  1. Type your keywords into Ahrefs content explorer
  2. Filter it for 1 website per domain, adjust DR settings etc.
  3. Download the most relevant results, remove irrelevant results
  4. Upload to Pitchbox

Pro tip: This works for guest posts too. You can ‘stalk’ other guest bloggers you find to figure out what other sites they’re guest posting at.

Method 3 – Steal Competing Content Backlinks (Sky Scraper)

Ahrefs competitor links

What you’ll need…

  • Ahrefs

Step by step:

  1. Plug competitor URL into Ahrefs
  2. Export all backlinks to that page (1 link per domain)
  3. Upload to Pitchbox and remove anything irrelevant – you now have your prospect list!

So there you have it, a super fast and easy guide to backlink prospecting that works!