Marketing Agency Case Study – Grow & Convert

Stewart Dunlop

If you’re a digital marketing agency and you’re actively building links, then you’re missing out on serious results for your clients.

We don’t just help individual companies. A good proportion of our customers are digital marketing & SEO agencies, who need a reliable link building solution that’s going to help get their clients better search rankings.

Grow & Convert are a renowned content marketing agency, known for helping their clients generate real business by driving qualified traffic to their website. If you’re looking for someone to handle your organic SEO, these guys are the best in the business.

Here’s what Benji Hyam, founder at Grow & Convert had to say about working with us…

The Challenge

They specialize in creating truly amazing content, which is of course the cornerstone of SEO, and should be the first port of call before you even think about link building.

However, they were finding that even after creating best-in-class content, they ran into ranking limitations because the content just wasn’t getting inbound links fast enough.

💡 This is where we come in

We build niche-relevant links to their client’s content which helps to propel them to higher rankings.


As Benji himself mentions in the video above, we’ve been able to help get their client’s most important pages ranking consistently over a very long period of time.

We’ve partnered with G&C on building links to over 20 of their client’s websites, and in almost every case we’ve seen significant positive impact from those links.

Most link building companies do guesswork when they build links for SEO agencies, but we look holistically at all of their client’s individually, and analyze their key competition. We then build highly relevant links from sites with real traffic that actually move the needle.

In fact, Grow & Convert even mention us within their content marketing course, which is renowned in the industry as being an incredible course with all of the secrets of their craft, with step by step guides on how to create amazing content that ranks.

Here’s a small excerpt from the course which I’d highly recommend…

Looking to level up your link building efforts?

If you’re a digital marketing agency who’s looking for a vendor that gets results consistently over time, then drop us an email and we’ll be glad to arrange a call.