Anchor Text Cheat Sheet – For Guest Posts

Stewart Dunlop

This a very quick and easy cheat sheet for how to do anchor texts for guest posts & sponsored posts.

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EXAMPLE: Let’s say our target website is – – a blog about tech and start-ups.

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E.G. Links to

For Internal links – links to any pages which ARE NOT the homepage

E.G. Links to

Including the Anchor Text Naturally

This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to consider with all guest posts. If the anchor text is dropped in randomly in the middle of an article, it’s going to look unnatural and spammy – In other words, it’s going to look obvious that the person who wrote the article or placed the anchor is doing so to try and manipulate Google.

This is NOT what we want!

It’s essential that we check to make sure that the article reads very naturally, and that the link is placed in a very natural way. Below are a few examples to show the difference between bad anchor text placement and good anchor text placement.

EXAMPLE 1 – “Gifts for Geeks”

Bad Anchor Text Placement: “There’s some interesting new gadgets on the market and they would make the perfect gifts for geeks

Good Anchor Text Placement: “There’s some interesting new gadgets on the market, but take your time and decide which ones you want to invest in. If you’re like me you’ll want to do your research and check out all of the latest gifts for geeks before you make a decision”

EXAMPLE 2 – “Best casino bonus”

Bad Anchor Text Placement: “Smartphones have a lot of other benefits as well. Your smartphone also comes loaded with features, such as the ability to download apps, such as Uber, GrubHub, Maps, and more. Plus, you can access the internet to check your email, browse the web, and play online games like online casino’s and get the best casino bonus.”

Good Anchor Text Placement: “Smartphones have a lot of other benefits as well. If you’re on the road there’s thousands of applications for just about any activity you can imagine – Love online dating apps? No problem just download Tinder or Match. Love to play online casinos? There’s definitely a reputable company out there serving you no matter what part of the World you’re in, just make sure you do your research and find the best casino bonus beforehand so you don’t end up paying over the odds”

Number 1 Takeaway

Links shouldn’t ever seem or sound out of place. They should never seem out of place or look suspicious.

Here’s a very neat tool from Linkio which generates anchor texts based on your requirements for any project.